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Forget recruiting. Forget training. The thing that keeps me up at night when I’m putting together a relay team is what name to pick. Pick a dud and you struggle with what to write on your van windows, let alone how to support your team spirit with costumes and decorations. Pick the perfect moniker and win team name contests, get your opponents to laugh and go down in relay history. No pressure, right?


The best team names seem to rely on subtle jokes, pop culture references or, in some cases, absolute insanity. Think about your favorite songs, television show references, or biggest complaints about running. These are all good jumping off points for team names. References to beer and wine are always popular. You can incorporate the event’s name into your team name, or develop a funny acronym based on your one of your favorite words.

If costumes and van decorations are important, start with what you would like to wear and work backwards from there. It is much easier to have the end look in mind and to pick a name than to work in the other direction.  Superheroes, pirates, cowboys, cops, disco, and jungle styles are all easy to build costumes from. 

If your team members live nearby, a brainstorming session at the local pub can yield good results. What's funny after a few beers will also probably be funny after midnight during a relay.

Sometimes it helps to get inspiration from classic team names, so to stoke your creative fires, here are some good ones from relays past:

It’s All Gouda
No Walking ‘til the Van Passes
12 Angry Glutes
When the Fit Hits the Shan
A Loose Affiliation of Drinkers
Lost in Pace
Your Pace or Mine?
Not Our First Rodeo
Chuck Norris Never Ran Hood to Coast
Cough, Hack, Wheeze
Jackie Moon's Hairless Cousins
Where Is My Monkey Butter?
Iron Mullets
Dangerous Curves
Sometimes A Great Notion
Peanut Butter & Jelly Legs
12 Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers
Sisters With Blisters
The TERDS (Twelve Exhausted Runners With Diarrhea)
Michael Bolton Running Club
Relay Energized Competitive Team United for Michigan
The Unqualified Opinions
You Look Like I Need a Drink
Kenya Catch Me
Off Like a Prom Dress
Born to Pun
rapid thigh movement
Van of Whoopass
Schrute Beet Farm
Young Tarts and Old Farts
Show Us Your Splits
Suck it Up, Princess
Pardon My Fartlek
And Then The Vultures Eat You
Our Giga-Hurtz
I Thought This Was a 5k!
CHUBAR Chafed Up Beyond All Recognition
Bodyglide, Blisters and Bengay
Run Long And Perspire
Cuz2Coast: We're Relayted!
Where's The Finish (WTF)
The Beerlievers
Is Death An Option?
The Interweb Sheep Shippers
Strangers With Candy
Cloudy With A Chance of Ninjas
Crop Dusters: If You Get Passed, You Get Gassed
Seriously? Seriously!
Here We GLOW Again
In A Van Down By The River
O.C.D. Obsessive Commitment Disorder
There Is No Bathroom in Team
Run. Eat. Poop. Repeat.
Never Nudes
Scrambled Eggs and Achin’
Scrambled Legs and Bacon
Not Fast, Just Furious
The Mighty Endorphin Powered Strangers
Run So Far-ians
There’s No App For This
The Young and the Rest of Us
You Serious, Clark?
Hair We Go Again
Bloodbath & Beyond
Straight Off The Couch



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